Everything Went Quiet is a fictional narrative of the main lead, Juniper. The landscape represents the mind of Juniper and how she traverses in her own world. All that's happening in the scenes are her memories.

words by Tom Sumner

Traversing the world on her own
The days grow warm and the nights sing cold
It is a pleasant way to spend one's time
In peace, alone with just an echo
A myriad of colours blooming just for me
And that's fine to sing and just be

Oh how the sun does caress love under your embrace
Encompassing mine for just a taste
Sweetest kisses sing great chorus
And my heart answers yours
My sweet sweet love
Cherub has truly struck and I am to watch myself bloom under your gaze
T'is a frightening miracle
That I beat so profusely for you
I am at your whim
My sweet sweet love

My sweet sweet love
How time passes monotonously without you
I know that your heart is knotted into the war now
All I can do is narrate my beating love
Without you
I still walk the tracks we used to
Sing the same songs
Kiss the same lips
But all in my dreams.
Shining sun and lapping tide
Empty hands oldest embraces
I will wait for you
My sweet sweet love

I hate the sun for taking you
I despise the night for dreams of you
I loath the rain that cries for you
I am filled with

The misty morning make mourning easier
Murmuring many mistakes
Many memories,
Many moments past
The birds flew on a day like this
Skyrocketing silver streams
Elevating my eyes to see

She slowly learn how to cope with the pain
Madness and darkness cloak my mind in endless tears and slumber
For what can wake me, make me wander further than the hunger
That deep desire for fortunes past and memories I encumber
For the sun it was out today. Stop your smiles from being outnumbered

Teary gaze and foggy plains shall haunt those common days
Holidays and Mondays will always feel the same
And that's fine, take a breath, don't worry about delays
Everyone shall leave someday don't worry about that way
Through tears and smiles you were my love, there's no denying that
But now that you are gone, my heart feels flat
A new morning shone
A new baby born
A new piece drawn
And it feels wrong
Blackbird sing on.