Reverie follows the narrative of five girls
in chronological years, watching them
grow as friends.

There are four chapters within the series,
where each chapter is a stage of the girls' lives,
exploring the challenges they face with
self-identity, friendship and womanhood.



                            The first chapter sees the girls as children –
                            free spirited and carefree.
                            This chapter of their lives, almost a whimsical
                            daydream, of themplaying in the garden.

                            Their lack of self-identity is represented by their
                            identical white dresses, at the same time symbolising
                            purity and innocence. As little girls, we have our own
                            secret lives and games that we play while our parents are
                            not watching. Exploring the very start of their friendship.


                    The second chapter sees the girls enter a new
                    stage of their lives, going to school, where their
                    friendship develops over time. We see the bonds
                    that form between the girls, exploring isolation
                    and challenges with trying to fit in.



The third chapter sees the girls manoeuvre
through the digital age. Time being spent being
disconnected from one another.

The black represents the vastness of the digital
space and social media platforms, almost like a
black hole. The dolled faces, almost like a mask,
is juxtaposed with their outfits, stripped down
raw, representing the vulnerability of the girls.
The scales, a symbolism of the balane between         
irreality and irreality.

It explores the challenges girls face growing up in
this social media driven world where we create a
false persona for everyone to see.


                      The last chapter of the series see the girls
                      reaching womanhood. They have gone on
                      with their individual lives, forging their own
                      identity. We see them in nature, away from the
                      digital space, reconnecting with one another                                        again.

                      Strong and empowered – celebrating the                                                 becoming of a woman.